Martin Hurlburt has made it his life's mission to help people make better choices with their money so that they can improve returns, protect their net worth and avoid costly mistakes.  In his his Tedx video, he explains what leads to financial misbehavior, how it impacts you and what you can do about it.


He is available to speak to groups, large and small, and specializes in personal consultations with people approaching retirement or who have received a large sum through an inheritance or legal settlement.

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Regardless of your income or education level, there is a powerful psychological component when it comes to managing and investing your money. Doctors, professional athletes, and others who earn high incomes often make poor financial decisions. Why does that happen and what you can do about it?


Personal finances are the leading cause of stress in America today. It impacts people of all educational and income levels. In fact, the problem appears to be worse among doctors, attorneys, business executives and other high income/high net worth individuals.



Employee financial stress costs businesses billions of dollars a year in lost productivity, higher medical costs and more. In the medical profession, it can lead to misdiagnosis and doctor burn out. It also impacts marriages and is a leading reason of divorce, which lowers productivity, not to mention the impact on families.


Martin is available to teach your employees, association, church and other groups simple solutions for reducing financial stress in their lives.


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It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor... as long as you've got money! - Unknown.

True financial success comes from aligning your resources (time, energy & money) with the things you value most. - Martin Hurlburt