Group Training

Financial stress costs businesses billions of dollars a year in lost productivity, higher medical costs and more. In the medical profession, it can lead to misdiagnosis and doctor burn out. It also impacts marriages and is a leading cause of divorce.


Combining humor, real life stories and cutting edge research in neuroscience, Martin will help your audience better understand how our brains process financial decisions. He then teaches simple but powerful principles to help people make better choices with their money.


The end result is that attendees will learn how to lead a happier, less stressful and more productive life. They become better employees, executives and association members.



To learn more about the problem, solution and how to offer it at little or not cost to your group, watch this short video.


Most requested topics:


“Financial Misbehavior: How To Overcome The Cost of Being Human”  


In this 45-60 minute presentation, you will learn about:

  • The role emotions play in our decision making process.

  • How to use this knowledge to enhance your investment returns.

  • How to build savings and pay down debt faster.

  • 3 simple steps to making better financial choices.

  • How to have a happier, more harmonious marriage.


“The S.U.M. Principle: How to Simplify, Unify and Multiply Your Wealth”  


This class is for doctors and business executives/owners and teaches:

  • Why doctors and other high income earners face unique challenges and stress when it comes to managing money.

  • The impact this stress has on their productivity and quality of life.

  • How to maximize the financial rewards of their careers.


These organizations have benefited from Martin’s work:


* Central Utah Water District         * Principal Financial Group
* Pre-Paid Legal                           * Utah State University
* American National                     * Companion Systems
* US Army officer candidates         * New World Mortgage
* Many chambers of commerce     * Nebo School District

Here is what others have said about this training:


“Martin Hurlburt recently did his new “Emotions Can Be Hazardous To Your Wealth” presentation during a staff meeting in my office. We all thought it was well worth our time.


He helped us better understand what drives our financial decisions and how we can improve them. He also helped us see how much better our lives can be if we reduce our financial stress. Then he taught us three simple ways to do it.


Martin is very approachable when he teaches. He has a way of putting people at ease, even when discussing what can be a difficult and complex topic… money.


If Martin approaches your office or organization about doing his class for you, I recommend that you give it careful consideration.”


Dr. Robert Ferrell, Ogden UT


“The topic of money management is on the minds of many people and they seem to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of it all. Martin has a unique way of simplifying these issues and helping the audience understand what really needs to be done.

Of all our presenters, he was ranked the highest at our recent marriage retreat.   (4.9 out of 5!)  We will have him back again.”


Kathleen Wilde, Utah State University