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Regardless of your income or education level, there is a powerful psychological component when it comes to managing and investing your money. Doctors, professional athletes, and others who earn high incomes often make poor financial decisions. Why does that happen and what you can do about it?


Personal finances are the leading cause of stress in America today. It impacts people of all educational and income levels. In fact, the problem appears to be worse among doctors, attorneys, business executives and other high income/high net worth individuals.


So what is the solution? Is it more money? No!


We have found that more money can make the problem worse. If money solved financial problems, then every lottery winner and professional athlete would live happily ever after. But many end up broke. They go from millions to bankruptcy in 5 years or less.


The real solution lies in making a behavioral change. It comes from understanding how our brains process financial decisions. It comes from recognizing the tremendous stress our minds are under and then applying simple principles to counteract that stress.


Martin Hurlburt has made it his life’s mission to help people lead happier, less stressful and more productive lives by developing better financial habits. His books, live presentations and one on one work are all directed at helping people make better choices with their money. While his niche is working with high income & high net worth individuals, the principles he teaches apply to people from all walks of life.


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